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An NFT generator is software designed to quickly generate a unique NFT collection using different layers as elements

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An NFT generator is software designed to quickly generate a unique NFT collection using different layers as elements

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Powerful No-Code NFT Maker trusted by the world's largest NFT collection creators.

What does an NFT Generator/NFT Maker do?

An NFT generator is software designed to quickly generate a unique NFT collection using different layers as elements. The NFT art generator is a thrilling new revolution in the blockchain world. This new technology has created a new category of collectors and a new market for unique NFT collections. Most people and artists use NFT generator to create and sell NFT collections on the blockchain. This software helps you to generate unique NFTs with the help of base layers or elements in a quick extent of time.

How to use Agomic Labs NFT Generator/NFT Maker?
Below are steps to use Agomic Labs NFT Generator. Follow the steps and create your own NFT collection in just a few minutes:
Step 1. Write your Layer Name : First, define the name of your layer.
Step 2. Import your Layer : Drop the layers one by one to set up the project. You can add the layers by entering the layer name.
Step 3. Rarity : You can define the rarity of your selected layer between 0-100%.
Step 4. NFT Preview : You can preview your NFT once your layers and traits are created.
Step 5. Generate : You are ready to generate your collection! Click on the Generate Collection button and save your NFT collection once it is generated

Features of Agomic Labs NFT Generator/ NFT Maker.
  1. No Code NFT Generator: Create an NFT collection without writing a single line of code
  2. Personalized Rarity Setting: Configure the rarity of each layer and each trait.
  3. User-Friendly Dashboard: User-Friendly Dashboard- User-friendly interface which is easy to use and create NFT.
  4. Metadata: We automatically generate metadata compatible with Ethereum and Solana Blockchain and metadata compatible with IPFS.
  5. Export to Image and GIF: Import images and GIFs to generate your NFT collection in your desired format. NFTs.

Amazing, code-free, bulk NFT Generator
Generate your NFT collection quickly and easily with Agomic Labs and sell them on NFT marketplaces. Once you push the NFT Generator button, the NFT collection belongs to you and is ready to sell as NFTs on marketplaces. Create high-resolution downloadable NFT images. Once you mint your NFT collection through a blockchain, you can sell it on NFT marketplaces. With NFT maker, you can create your own Digital NFTs without coding. Our NFT builder provides the perfect tools to create a unique, interesting, and exquisite NFT collection.

Benefits of Agomic Labs NFT Maker/NFT Generator
  1. Free to Use: Our NFT Maker is not chargeable. You can create unlimited NFTs and download them for free.
  2. Multiple Blockchain: Our platform supports multiple blockchains, allowing users to easily set up their NFT collection without hassle.
  3. Easily Scalable: Regardless of the number of NFTs you create, our NFT maker can easily handle your NFT collection without worrying about its security.
  4. Easy To Use: Our NFT Maker is easy to use and lets you create NFTs without coding.
  5. NFT Security: Our servers are hosted on the safest IPFS servers ensuring that your NFTs are protected at all costs. In addition, once you create & export your NFT, Agomic Labs keeps no records of your NFTs.
  6. Free sign-up: Agomic Labs allows you to create an NFT by signing up for free. You can get the output for free using our NFT generator and maker.
  7. Customer Support: Use our chat support when you have a question.