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Instantly calculate rarity scores for each NFT asset of the collection provided. Our NFT Rarity Calculator or NFT trait rarity calculation tool allows you to generate an NFT rarity ranking based on the NFT rarity score.

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A bit of how our NFT Rarity Score calculator works…

How to use Agomic Labs NFT Rarity Calculator ?

Below is a step-by-step guide for using Agomic Labs NFT Rarity Calculator.
1.  First of all, copy the contract address of the NFT collection you want to check the NFT rarity score. You can get the smart contract from the NFT Marketplace they are on.
2.  Now select the chain/network on which the NFT contract is deployed and click on generate button in the NFT Rarity Calculator panel of Agomic Labs
3.   Using the NFT attributes, the Agomic Labs NFT Rarity calculator will generate a rarity score for each NFT.
4.   After getting the NFT Rarity Score, you can download the generated NFT Rarity Score Results in CSV and JSON format.

What is an NFT's Rarity ?

NFT Rarity means how rare or uncommon an NFT is in the same collection, determining the value of the NFT in the collectible.The concept of NFT Rarity is most commonly found in generative art-type NFT projects. Most NFT enthusiasts desire to know how rare an NFT is before acquiring it. They also focus on checking how rare the NFTs in their collections are to determine how much they can list them on the marketplace.

NFT Rarity Check - What Is It?

NFT Rarity Check analyzes the attributes and metadata of a non-fungible token (NFT) to calculate its rarity score, which can be used to determine the uniqueness and potential value of the NFT. This includes various factors, such as the scarcity of the NFT, the uniqueness of its attributes, and the demand for the particular asset. The higher the rarity score, the more valuable the NFT is likely to be. NFT Rarity Check is used by collectors and investors to evaluate the potential investment value of NFTs.

What is NFT Rarity Score and how this NFT Rarity Score is calculated ?

The total Rarity Score for an NFT is the sum of the Rarity Score of all of its trait values. Attributes or traits considered are usually physical attributes like clothes, earrings, fur, hat, spectacles, background, necklaces, etc.,To calculate an NFT's overall rarity ranking within its collection, the rarity score for each of the properties the NFT holds is calculated first. Once the rarity score of each property is calculated, these are summed up to determine the NFT's overall rarity score. Rarity ranks are then assigned to each NFT in a collection based on the descending order of their overall rarity scores. The higher an NFT's overall rarity score, the higher its position in the overall ranking

Why is NFT rarity score calculation important for a collection?

NFT Rarity Score calculation is important because the rarity of an NFT can affect the value and demand for a specific token. Making the best decisions in the NFT industry is considered important. It indicates how popular or valuable an NFT project is, which makes it easy for investors to invest in the NFTs.

Why choose Agomic Labs NFT Rarity Calculator ?

The NFT rarity score in Agomic Labs is generated using attributes provided in the NFT Collection.The rare attributes will have a high rarity score and vice-versa. Here is a step-by-step guide to using Agomic Labs NFT Rarity Calculator to calculate the NFT Rarity Score of the collectible you want.